4 Benefits of KUPER Woodworking Machinery Services

We understand that you want to produce high-quality products and maximize efficiency and production, while minimizing downtime as far as possible. Working safely with the right machinery can contribute significantly to your output and performance. 

Discover how customized machinery services help achieve your production goals and benefit you in 4 key ways: from innovative solutions to convenient, effective maintenance.

Benefit 1: 20 service technicians available to diagnose the issue

Loss of yield and loss of productivity is a result of unplanned downtime. Going back and forth to find answers takes time. Going straight to the best possible solution is what our service technicians will aim for. 

Having service technicians accessible to diagnose any machinery issues can ease the pressure when those unexpected breakdowns occur. While it certainly depends on the industry and process, aiming for 90% uptime can sustain your output goals. For this reason, we use the KUPER Customer Care Concept to help maintain that efficiently. When we can diagnose and solve your issues remotely, it can get your machinery up and running far more quickly than sending technicians over. However, when the situation requires it, our skilled, experienced technicians will be there in person.

Benefit 2: Reduction of woodworking accidents with market changing solutions

Risk of injury and loss of life are very real possibilities when working with specialized cutting machinery. It takes open, honest advice to reach safe solutions when choosing to optimize machine function or incorporate new machines into your existing lines.

Safety is the highest priority. By deciding to use equipment that conforms with the highest European safety standards, you’ll be at ease knowing that your teams are safe from unforeseen problems.


Benefit 3: Best ROI with customized machinery solutions

Depending on budget and availability, you want to operate efficiently with the machinery you have available. Optimizing output with innovative vision is valuable. A creative, problem-solving approach is empowering, allowing you to consider all possible options and opportunities. 

A customized machinery solution is one that reduces bottlenecking in your production line by creating a solution that fits with your existing layout.

Benefit 4: Innovative, simple, and solutions-oriented

Since our main goal is to help you make the best decisions to reach your goals and hit your targets, a ready-made, one-size-fits-all approach is not necessarily the optimal choice.
At KUPER, we’ve learned that your solution should be as individual as necessary to guarantee your success – as modular as possible.

A solutions-oriented approach is geared to reach your specific requirements: cost-effective functionality, integration, and customization. Many of our solutions are created by re-combining components that have already proven their worth.

Focus on your core responsibilities with a holistic outlook that prioritizes the following:

  • Problem-solving made easy, efficient, and effective
  • No over-engineering. Just creative, practical solutions.
  • Streamlined, optimized woodworking machine repair

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