A User Interface for Any Situation: KUPER presents a new, uniform control system

KUPER introduced the newly developed control system for the first time at LIGNA 2023. Thanks to a clear, intuitive display, machine operation is now even more efficient. At the same time, the new interface provides for a uniform «Look & Feel» with high brand recognition. The new controller is intended for future use in both in standard machines and in customer-specific special solutions.

The new control system from KUPER is the result of years of development. The entire operation was redesigned from scratch. One major focus was user friendliness: our goal was to provide operators with a better overview and as a result, increase on the job efficiency. To ensure the most intuitive operation possible, the user interface was specifically matched to the functions of a machine in accordance with the modular principle.

Plant-wide unified visualization reduces the learning curve after the acquisition of new machines, because the users are already familiar with the operating logistics. One important innovation is the intensified integration of web technologies: due to the responsive design of the display, in the future users will also be able to operate machines by tablet.

An uncluttered, intuitive interface

The redesigned display and the structure of the user menu ensure easy operation with a minimum of clicking: the structure is clear and well-organized and information is displayed in the right place. The operators also have the option of scaling the workspaces on the interface in accordance with their requirements. Specified information, such as process values, can be emphasized or only displayed as needed, additionally increasing user friendliness.

Another advantage: thanks to an actuator-based fault message system, the new controller facilitates more rapid diagnosis and elimination of possible faults. The interface offers a view for displaying pending errors and messages, operators may zoom in by multitouch. With this view, fault messages can be localized and allocated more rapidly.

Shortened development times due to modular principle

The new control system was designed in accordance with the modular principle. It consists of prefabricated elements, which may be combined depending on the requirements of a machine. The goal was to reduce the time and labor for the development of new controllers for special-purpose machinery.

KUPER experts from a variety of departments were involved in the implementation of the modular principle. This is because the standardization didn’t just affect the software: instead, it was about including the circuit layout of the individual machines and even their mechanical design.

Positive initial client reaction – use in the future also in standard machines

With the introduction of the system, in addition to the existing Siemens controllers, we are also offering our clients controllers from Beckhoff – as presented this year at the LIGNA. These PC-based controllers permit an easier connection to the client server, whereby for example a data exchange with the ERP system of the client is possible. In the future, KUPER will be purchasing all controller components exclusively from these two manufacturers, in the long-term reducing complexity in procurement.

The innovative control system will be used first in new, custom-built special-purpose machinery for clients. Initial reactions at LIGNA already indicate that our new development is finding favor with our clientele. Among other things, they welcomed the clear design of the operator interface and the gains in efficiency made possible thereby. The productivity of our clients is our highest priority. Therefore, using the new system in our standard machines is the logical next step.

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