Don't Miss the Upcoming Trends in the Automated Woodworking Industry

Understanding some of the most pressing trends in the current market is crucial to your role as a decision maker. Five significant trends will affect the automated woodworking industry, and we've compiled a detailed trend report to help you respond to them effectively. 

The trend report explores the following five trends in depth, helping you to exceed your performance expectations in the upcoming future.

Trend 1: Financial necessity & energy concerns

It's no surprise that an economic downturn affects the automated woodworking industry, but how can we make the best decisions to thrive, even with financial and energy concerns? In the trend report, we explore the latest issues facing European timber supply chains as a result of recent and ongoing events. Taking forecasted growth metrics provided by the CAGR, we outline three key points that will help you to be part of the expected growth in this space.


Trend 2: Sustainability

“Sustainability” is more than just a buzzword or a box to check. The trend report explains how a sustainable woodworking ethos and principles are integral at a time when resources are becoming increasingly scarce. We also explore consumer trends regarding sustainability. This will offer a valuable understanding of what’s expected of your final product today – both in terms of the resources used and the production process involved.Learn about the top five most important, environmentally-sustainable practices according to consumers to understand how consider shifting production patterns.


Trend 3: Implementing automation on site

In the face of a quickly-changing market, especially where labor issues are concerned, the industry is looking to automation as a possible solution. After looking at labor issues in more detail, our trend report explores what kind of automation solutions will be viable in the woodworking industry. It appears that specific skill shortages will require varying levels of on-site automation, so find out how these trends will affect your production line.


Trend 4: Increasing use of wood in housing

Evolving attitudes towards sustainability, along with certain design trends, are driving a preference towards wooden housing and increased use of wood in housing. We discover the factors behind this trend, as well as how we expect to see the use of wood implemented. This can spell significant shifts for the direction of production in the automated woodworking industry


Trend 5: The tiny house movement is on the rise

New ways of living, influenced by global financial and lifestyle shifts, offer opportunities for those in the woodworking space. With forecasts expecting these movements to grow significantly, what does it mean for manufacturers?


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While many factors influence trends in the market, these are often interconnected. The trend report explores these trends, offering you a deeper perspective in staying ahead of the game. Ultimately, this will give the chance to make wiser decisions and increase your business’ bottom line.


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