KUPER Unveils New Strategy and Corporate Identity at LIGNA

How we are reinventing KUPER and your manufacturing processes 

KUPER has been known as a leader in quality in the woodworking industry. But in the past two years, we achieved a number of new milestones. We changed our strategy, our operating model and our service.

We reinvented KUPER and, most importantly: our value to our clients and partners. At the core, we transitioned from being product-driven to solution-driven.

Below you will find out why we have decided to make these changes and what you can expect from KUPER in the future. At the same time, we hereby invite you to get an impression of our company yourself at the upcoming LIGNA.

KUPER is accelerating the future of woodworking

Market leadership is based on quality. You need both knowledge and hands-on manufacturing experience to develop the best machines in the industry. But we believe that being the best in the future asks for a new attitude and skill set. Or to put it another way: In order to meet your requirements in the future, we need to position ourselves to be more adaptable.

With the aim of being more agile, we have developed a new strategy for KUPER.

It involves adapting to new consumer trends, combining different manufacturing technologies and offering our customers both first-class services and tailor-made solutions. Moreover, we do not see the optimisation of your processes as a one-off project. Rather, it is a continuous process to improve your production and quality. That’s why we set out a new strategy, to become more agile. 

What can you expect from the new KUPER?

We still sell state-of-the-art woodworking and packaging machinery with modules to enable your manufacturing flexibility. But they are more intelligent, enabling automated processes and collecting data. In addition, we help you make your manufacturing data more insightful and relevant to better understand and optimize your processes. Collecting, applying and managing your data and knowledge.

We will expand our engineering and consulting services. To do so, we transitioned our work culture. We are very proud of how the talented KUPER team benefits from the room for personal development and experiments, the new style of internal communication and self-improving teams. It elevated the overall quality and everyone’s personal attitude. 

This new way of working and learning will further increase the modularity of both our mechanical and software modules. As a result, this agile culture focused on learning also made our partnerships more proactive.

“We are true problem solvers, and we push ourselves to be better on behalf of our customers and each other,” said Gerd Meurer, CEO of KUPER. “We challenge ourselves to push for new answers and keep thinking and innovating. We look forward to partnering with our customers in this new chapter and continuing to pioneer technologies that drive the future of manufacturing. It’s both a blessing and inspiration to work with our people and partners”

How KUPER will meet your future requirements

The art of modularization and customization

At KUPER we follow a principle to guarantee your success: As modular as possible. As individual as necessary.

KUPER machines are intelligent from the get-go so that we can realize your specific requirements for cost-effective functionality, integration and customization. Many of our solutions are created by re-combining components that have already proven their worth. Pragmatic, efficient and effective.

Initially, modularity is an investment to make, but that value compounds more and more over time. It enables us to help you develop more automated and customized solutions, at a faster pace.

These are our five pillars to your future success:

1. Quality
That is what drives us. We serve to maximize the quality of our customers’ products and processes in the long-run.

2. Cost-effectiveness
It’s the cornerstone for everything and makes growth possible. Our machines and services are designed to increase cost-effectiveness for you. Your success is our success. Low operating costs, low maintenance and changeover costs as well as short training phases.

3. Modularization
We stand by this principle. We provide flexible designs and customizable applications that align with your requirements and are tailor-made for your processes to deliver higher process reliability.

4. Simplicity
This means efficiency. From intuitive systems and intelligent automation to excellent availability of each component. We are grounded in pragmatism instead of over-engineering.

5. Ecological
Sustainability is an important factor for consumers, and the demand is only rising. We have seen how it benefits your bottom line. Manufacture for recyclability. Reduce or reuse waste material. 

Let’s co-create the future, experience the new KUPER at LIGNA

You may have noticed our new branding that reflects our new identity to drive the future of woodworking. But we will go all out at LIGNA to showcase the reinvented KUPER. You will have the chance to experience our modular machinery, consult our specialists to improve your production performance or chat about how we could co-create your custom manufacturing solution.

Let’s innovate the woodworking industry together. We hope to see you at LIGNA 15 - 19 May. You can use our invitation to get a free ticket. If you can’t make it, feel free to schedule a demo to experience how you could benefit from working with the new KUPER.

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