Opportunities and insights at LIGNA 2023

The LIGNA exhibition, held every two years in Hannover, Germany, is a must-attend event for production managers in the automated woodworking industry.

The exhibition, which takes place from 15-19 May 2023, will host 90,000 visitors and 1,500 exhibitors. One of the largest exhibitions of its kind in the world, LIGNA brings together the best minds in the woodworking industry to discuss how we can make our products better and more sustainable. 

If you want to learn more about automation, digitization, or sustainability – and how they can be used to improve your workflow – LIGNA is the place to visit. Learn more about the insights you can gain at LIGNA 2023 below.

Opportunities at LIGNA 2023

At the exhibition, you'll have the chance to talk to engineers and sales representatives who can answer your questions about new technologies, products, and processes. You'll also be able to view some of the solutions in action, try them out yourself, and get a feel for their capabilities. 

These include new products, improvements, innovations, and collaborations across services and machine ranges, from compound and woodworking to packaging. At the KUPER stand, you’ll also have the opportunity to view the capabilities of a robot system – perfected  for handling veneers. The combination of these solutions will provide detailed insight into automation and digitization in the near future.


Gain insight on central themes 

Three core focus topics will be covered at LIGNA, with an ethos of sustainability as a necessity – and in the face of current global contexts – as the central point: 

  • Woodworking transformation: The growing importance of wood in construction - both for pure wood buildings and those made with a mix of materials - has led to new requirements for efficiency, high yield, and prefabrication.
  • Prefab building processes: New construction technologies are need for prefabricated systems that can be easily and quickly installed on a building site. This impacts modular and tiny housing trends.
  • Green material processing: Wood is an important component of the circular bioeconomy, which some call a "green economy". The forestry and wood sector - the value chain that produces wood products from raw materials like trees and recycled paper - usually involves both small-scale operations (like family farms) as well as large corporations with high volumes of sales in foreign markets.


Gain value from industry connections

It's a great opportunity to meet with key decision makers, uncover the latest in equipment and concepts, and talk with thought leaders. Additionally, take the opportunity at LIGNA to:

  • Learn about new technologies and concepts that will help you improve your business.
  • Find out about the latest advances in automated machinery and the potential to adapt to evolving material use and needs. Ask about how KUPER’s machines have adapted to meet these needs: saving material and optimizing usage for the parquet industry by developing a new middle layer concept, now capable of processing curvy, strong core veneer for the LVL and plywood industry, and even expanding to process slate for high-specification use.
  • Gain insight on your plans from the expertise of specialists.
  • Network with other professionals in the industry.
  • See demonstrations of tools and machines that can improve your production processes.

By attending, production managers can gain a competitive edge and position their companies for success in the years to come by understanding tech progression in the woodworking industry and how it might impact how your business operates in general.

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